138Cars can assure you that your new vehicle has been mechanically inspected and has a new Warrant of Fitness and a new or recent service. For further peace of mind, We can provide Mechanical Breakdown Insurance backed by Janssen Insurance and can provide a range of automotive-owner protection policies to help protect your vehicle and your budget.

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Vehicles today are complex and have so many mechanical and electrical components. Mechanical Breakdown policies are designed to help protect you and your vehicle against the cost of sudden or unforeseen breakdown. With a comprehensive mechanical cover, you can get your vehicle back on the road again with minimal fuss.

Loan Equity Insurance (Gap Cover)

In the event of an accident where your vehicle is written off, your insurance policy only covers the insured value, which gets paid out to the finance company. You are liable for any outstanding balance on your credit contract which must be paid immediately. A gap policy covers some* of the difference, known as a loan equity shortfall. It also provides funds towards excess fees, and a deposit for a replacement vehicle. (Read more)
*minus cover premiums and policy deductions.

Credit Contract Indemnity Insurance

This is where a financial loss has been suffered as a result of the happening of an insured event, and covers the borrower's obligations under a credit contract.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

You can also purchase your vehicle insurance for accident, fire and theft through the Janssen Insurance Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance. This is a competitively priced, no-fuss policy which offers all you would expect including easy payment terms to suit, glass cover and Roadside Assistance.